Decorative Pallet Shutters


per set

These shutters are made out of recycled pallet wood and weathered to provide a true rustic look. These are best utilized as an inside application to be used simply as decoration. They are plain in their appearance, thus being the perfect piece to add decoration to. These shutters can be used as wall decor to add a touch of interest to any space.

(Check out our shutter decoration Pinterest board for some ways to decorate your shutters.)

Technical Info:

  • These pallet shutters are sold in sets of two.
  • These shutters are around 34 x 11 inches. This varies slightly with each set.
  • Disclaimer: Wood shades and coloring will be slightly different with each piece since we are using different pieces of reclaimed pallet wood for each set.
  • Each set comes with two saw-tooth hangers attached for your hanging convenience.

If you have any questions about this piece please contact us HERE.