Apple Crate Coffee Table/Bench

Design by Jeff Mininger Designs


This is a dual piece, meaning it can be used as a coffee table and/or bench. Depending on your needs, this piece can be used either way.

The bottom is made of two apple crates for support, while the top is created out of pallet wood slats. The top was made by compressing pallet wood pieces together with a strong glue and then completed with a poly finish. The apple crates below were originally from J.P. Neff & Son inc. in Staunton, VA.

The original design was made using plaster lathe from an old home. This is a unique piece that was designed by Jeff from Jeff Mininger Designs.

Technical Info:

  • This piece is 47 x 22 inches and stands at 19 inches.
  • This piece is currently only available for local pick-up. We do not offer shipping for this product.
  • This piece has a two week production time after the order placement.