Do you have a public showroom? 

Currently we do not have a public showroom.  We sell all of our products through our online store here on our website.

Can I visit  the Bear Creek Creative Shop? 

Absolutely! We just ask that you call ahead and set an appt. so that we can give you our full attention when you visit.  You can reach the office at 540-218-2203

Where does your reclaimed material come from? 

We source our reclaimed material from various business’s and individual sources within our home state of Virginia.  These materials, if not reclaimed, would go unused and deteriot as they sits or would be thrown away in the landfill.  By reclaiming these materials we help our environment and our local community.

What kind of wood do you use in your products?

We use various kind of wood depending on what is reclaimed.  Please note that our products are rustic in nature and may contain knot holes, old nails, cracks, rough edges etc.  Please read individual product descriptions carefully before placing an order.

Can I get LEED Points for using your material? 

Possibly.  Depending on your usage and your project.  Please contact us for more details specific to your project.

Can you provide Installation? 

For right now we can provide install for all of our products within the State of Virginia.

Can I install the products myself? 

Yes.  All of our products can be installed with a basic knowledge of carpentry.  We can provide installation instructions upon request.

For any questions please contact us through the Contact form on our site or call 540-218-2203.

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