Inspired By Life – The Woodcarvings of Jose Acevedo

On the blog today we are sharing the story of an amazing man with a beautiful artistic talent. Jose Acevedo, 57 years young, is originally from the small town of Apaseo el Alto, Guanajuto, Mexico but now resides in Virginia with his family. He is currently battling cancer and, because of the substantial cost of his treatment, has decide to sell his wood carving artwork. He has lovingly labored over many beautiful, hand-carved pieces for years and is now selling them as a way to offset the financial burden of treatment.

When Brian & Victoria (Bear Creek Creative Co-Founders) heard about Mr. Acevedo’s and his battle with cancer, they had a desire to come alongside him and his family. They wanted to help market and sell his beautiful wood carvings.

I caught up with Mr. Acevedo recently to hear the story of how he was introduced to the woodcarving trade and ask some questions about his pieces.

What is your story?

“I came from a small village in Mexico, where there were many poor families. My family made a living by selling bread, but that business eventually fell through. As a result of our bread business closing, I got started in wood carving. At age 16, I began exploring the craft and started teaching my family some of the basic carving skills as well. A few years later, at the age of 20, I started working in construction but continued to create my own pieces on the side. 

 I tried selling some of my work in the flea market, but the people there didn’t appreciate the art. Plus, with it being a poor area, many people didn’t have the substantial funds to purchase a piece at it’s respective price. Therefore, my pieces weren’t sold for much profit. I eventually quit trying to sell them and started collecting them as they were made. There are some pieces in my current collection that are 20 years or older.”

Since you weren’t selling these pieces, did you give them away as gifts, or did it just remain a hobby? 

“I didn’t really give them away. I just collected them and had in mind to possibly open up a gallery one day.  I did sell a couple pieces throughout the years, but not consistently.”  

Where did you receive your inspiration for the pieces you created?

“Well, I really just carved what I liked. I don’t pinpoint a specific source of inspiration, but I guess a lot of it was inspired by Mexican history and culture. That is what I grew up with, so I think I gravitated towards those influences. It was familiar and what I knew, so my work came out of that. 

In my collection you can find pieces of a wide variety. There are wild horses, religious symbols, and many other kinds of pieces. There is bound to be something for anyone.”

Below you will find photos of a few pieces Jose has for sale.  You can also find these pieces listed in our Online Store HERE.  Jose has hundreds of carved pieces, so we will be adding them to the page as they are photographed.  If you have questions about a piece or would like to see more of this beautiful collection, you can send your inquiries through our Contact Form.

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