Welcome to Bear Creek Creative & Salvage!

Welcome to Bear Creek Creative and Salvage

Welcome to Bear Creek Creative & Salvage! We are so excited that you chose to stop by and visit us in this space today! Our guess is you’ve come here for one or more of the following reasons:

  1. You’re curious about the vision and services we embody and provide here at Bear Creek Creative. 
  2. Recycling and caring for our planet is important to you.
  3. You love quality products that carry a unique story and offer aesthetic beauty and/or functionality for your space.

If you identify with any of these reasons, you have come to the right place because we are here for those reasons as well!

Here at Bear Creek Creative our daily mission is to divert usable material from the landfill to a new purpose and, ultimately, a new home. We seek to provide quality, recycled material for your own projects, along with unique pieces created here in our shop for your home & business.

Our bigger vision, the reason we come to work everyday, is our desire to one day become a company that can provide a job to whoever needs one, for whatever reason.  Maybe they are working to get back on their feet; have a handicap that causes a barrier to regular employment; or are looking to hone a new job skill in the trade and craft industry. Whatever the reason, we desire to provide jobs to those within our local community.  We believe that, by providing entry-level work, we can positively affect the families that live here while building up our community as well. 

While we have not yet reached our bigger goal, we are on our way to seeing that vision become a reality as we work each day to expand our company.

As for recycling, it is also our daily mission to keep usable material from the landfill.  We do this in several ways:

  1. Through the work of our construction crews. As we work on ongoing remodels/demolitions, we are able to salvage material that still hold good life.  Ordinarily, when a space is remodeled or demo’ed, all of the old material is taken out to make room for new and fresh renovations.  Even if the old material is good, it is typically slated to go in a dumpster and taken to the area landfill.  It is estimated that 40% of waste in our landfills is construction-related material.  By diverting usable material, we are able to do our part in decreasing that percentage.
  2. Through demolition salvage. Occasionally, we are contacted by individuals who need an old structure taken down on their property.  Usually these are small outbuildings or barn structures that have fallen into disrepair and are essentially rotting away where they stand.  Working with an area demolition crew, we are able to salvage usable boards, beams and miscellaneous wood for use in our shop.  We often take this wood to turn into furniture, wall art, or other unique items for your home & business.
  3. Through recycled shipping pallets. One of our earliest sources of wood material was actually from local pallet wood.  Many area businesses receive their weekly shipment of goods on wooden pallets.  Once the goods are off-loaded, the pallets are relegated to a back corner to be stacked and stored until they can be dismantled and taken to the landfill.  We took notice of this problem and decided to take action. We have been able to contact these businesses and take their unused pallets off-hand, diverting them from the landfill.  By salvaging the pallets, local companies and Bear Creek have come to a win-win situation. These businesses no longer need to pay to dispose of the pallets and we acquire salvage wood to turn into usable products, which also provides work for more and more families.  A win-win in our book.
Pallet Wall

Here is a feature pallet wall made out of salvaged pallet wood that we recently installed in a local restaurant. This provides a unique feature to the space and is one of our favorite projects here at Bear Creek Creative!

No matter what item we produce out of our shop at Bear Creek, they each hold their own unique story, all while adding a rustic beauty and even functionality to your own unique space.

At the end of the day, we love being able to gather reclaimed material to design and create memorable pieces for your home & business.

If you’re interested in how the business of Bear Creek Creative got it’s start, you will want to check out the story Here.  Or jump over to this great article by Christy Wright of Business Boutique/Dave Ramsey Solutions to read the complete story behind Bear Creek Enterprises, Inc.; the backbone company behind Bear Creek Creative.

Once Again…Welcome To Bear Creek Creative & Salvage! We are so glad you are here!

~ Victoria & The Bear Creek Creative Staff


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